We need just one more $50 deposit to confirm Paula Doll's "Custom-Made 
Bra Class".  Email me, liz@nobhillfabrics.com, if you're interested.


There is still room in Laurie Lange's "Versatile All-in-One-Piece Garment 
Design" class.  Designed for the advanced beginner looking to move into 
intermediate territory, this class teaches the design and construction 
of a simple Persian tunic, top or jacket.


We have an exciting new class in the works.  For all those upcoming formal
events, prom, weddings and reenactments, Leslie Ashcraft will teach about
the inner workings of strapless, or semi-strapless dresses and corsets.
This will include boning, built-in foundations, waist-stays as well as
fabric and lining choices for formal, strapless styles.  Leslie would really
like to get you started on your dream dress for that special event!  We'd
like to schedule this class to accommodate as many students as possible so
please contact Leslie (lesash@q.com) if you're interested.

Two of her most popular classes, "Tricks of the Trade" and "Fitting
Solutions", will also be back in March.

Taken from Leslie Ashcraft's "Tricks of the Trade" class:  Cut your
notches outward.  Cutting them inward weakens what is already a stress 
point and takes away fabric you may wish for later.

Must have sewing experience and be available 10:00am - 1:30pm, Tuesday 
through Friday.  Please see Liz between 3:00 and 6:00 Tuesday through
Friday or between 10:00 and 6:00 Saturday.


*  Knits!!!  Organic cotton/lycra and dry tex polyester prints.

*  More buttons -- natural horn, bone and marble.

*  Burda Plus magazine. 

If you would like to be on the list of available seamstresses and tailors
for hire on our website, please send contact information to 
liz@nobhillfabrics.com with a brief (one-sentence) description of what you 



"Versatile All-in-One-Piece Garment Design"

Cost: $60
Instructor: Laurie Lange
Class size limited to 5

Saturday,  February 11th,  10:00-2:00

Skill level:  confident beginner, intermediate. 
              Expert sewers wishing to explore pattern design are also welcome.

This class will acquaint you with a simple yet sophisticated pattern from ancient 
Persia that can be made into a tunic, top or jacket with just one continuous 
underarm/midriff seam. Unlike other one-piece patterns, this pattern is capable 
of the fit that separate fitted pattern pieces create.

We will discuss how the weave and drape of fabric contributes to fit.  You will 
get a pattern diagram, learn how to dimension the piece for your body and shape 
the one seam for the style you want.  Instructor will demonstrate seam finishes 
and neck facing, hemming, cuff and front placket depending on participants'
interests.  Expect to come away with a design cut out and ready for finishing 
when you get home.

Bring a washed fabric piece about 54"x 54" (45" x45" will do for short sleeve, 
waist length garment),  scissors, measuring tape, pins and pencil.

Contact Laurie at 505.220.2726 for more info and to sign up.


"Basic Sewing Lesson"

A small, individualized lesson designed to teach:

    * anatomy, use and care of your machine
    * terms and tools
    * how to read, mark and cut a pattern
    * how to assemble a basic garment

Sewing machines are not provided.

This is an individualized lesson to get a beginner started.  We provide an 
easy-to-make apron pattern or you can bring your own idea or project.

Contact Nancy Felando, 505.280.3990, for more information and to schedule
a session.

Cost:  $30
10% discount on all materials purchased at Nob Hill Fabrics.
Please purchase any fabrics requiring pre-washing in advance.

Preview the pattern at:

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