We are pleased to announce our partnership with Silverado Home Furnishings.
As the largest Design Center in the Southwest, Silverado maintains an
extensive library of custom fabrics and their remnants are now available 
to the public only at Nob Hill Fabrics.  Upholstery, brocades and laces in 
a variety of styles ranging from Southwestern to Old World and Tuscany, 
these fine fabrics are suitable for home decor, apparel and everything in 

The Designer's Lounge has officially reopened in their new location! 
If you have a summer project in mind or would just like to get a starter 
lesson in sewing feel free to call them at 505-508-1750 to set up your 
lesson. Visit their website for more info at:


Bra Class Update
The bra class is full!  We have started a waiting list, send me an email
(liz@nobhillfabrics.com) if you would like to be on it.  


*  Silks!  Chiffon burnouts and charmeuse solids.

*  Floral print stretch laces in a variety of colors with coordinating

*  More shimmers and rosette embellished nets.

If you would like to be on the list of available seamstresses and tailors
for hire on our website, please send contact information to 
liz@nobhillfabrics.com with a brief (one-sentence) description of what you 



"Custom-Made Bra Class"

Cost: $50 for the fitting session and $175 for the class
Date: May 5th-6th

This class is for anyone that struggles with ill-fitting bras, straps falling down, 
bands that ride up in the back, underwires that poke, wrinkles in the cup or bulges 
in the wrong places!

Not only will these bras fit correctly, you won't believe how comfortable they are 
because they are made from the best bra making supplies in the industry!!!

Class fee includes your custom fitting and drafting of your pattern, a fabric kit 
that makes at least 2 bras and 2 days of instruction! What a deal!!!

Don't sew? No problem! Paula can make your bras for you.

If interested, contact liz@nobhillfabrics with your name, phone number and availability. 
We will be collecting a $50 deposit which is refundable with 10 days notice of 
cancellation or in the event the class is cancelled.

For more information about the class:
     Paula Doll
     Certified Instructor of the Beverly Johnson Bra-making System


"Basic Sewing Lesson"

A small, individualized lesson designed to teach:

    * anatomy, use and care of your machine
    * terms and tools
    * how to read, mark and cut a pattern
    * how to assemble a basic garment

Sewing machines are not provided.

This is an individualized lesson to get a beginner started.  We provide an 
easy-to-make apron pattern or you can bring your own idea or project.

Contact Nancy Felando, 505.280.3990, for more information and to schedule
a session.

Cost:  $30
10% discount on all materials purchased at Nob Hill Fabrics.
Please purchase any fabrics requiring pre-washing in advance.

Preview the pattern at:

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