To better server our customers beyond Albuquerque, we have extended our
brick-and-mortar to cyberspace and have opened an Etsy shop:

Fiber Arts Cruising....  November 7th through November 9th at the San Ysidro Church
in Corrales.  Cruise down Route 66 for fiber exhibits, demonstrations, music from the 50's
and 60's,  and a vintage car show!  November 7th, 10am to 7pm, November 8, 10am to 4pm, 
November 9, 10am to 3pm.  The Albuquerque Main Library has a "teaser" display through 
the month of October.

American Quilters Society presents the AQS QuiltWeek in Albuquerque!
January 14-17, 2015
Albuquerque Convention Center
Registration starts October 7, 2014
Register now for tickets, lodging and workshops!

Two of our most popular classes are scheduled for Saturday, November 1st.  Leslie
Aschraft will be teaching "Fitting Solutions" in the morning and "Tips and Tricks 
of the Trade" in the afternoon.

These are just a few of our recent arrivals....

*  Navy linen.

*  Assorted cotton prints - Frida la Catrina is back!  

*  A beautiful stone blue hemp/linen.

*  Hot pink/purple/blue plaid silk dupioni.

*  Halloween blacks -- cotton voile, polyester satin and rayon modal knit.

Opera Southwest needs several volunteers to handstitch costumes for AMLETO. Costumer 
Anna Constanz has designed 20+ costumes in the Edwardian style and needs additional 
help in her old town area studio.

If you like to sew and have a few hours to donate, you'd not only be helping the opera 
Company, but also get behind-the-scenes experience with an opera production, fitting 
garments to singers etc.

Please contact Anna at 980-5057, or email Robin at rkaplan222@gmail.com and she will
put you in touch.


November 1st: "Fitting Solutions" with Leslie Ashcraft, 9:30am - 1:00pm, $50

        Are you tired of buying pattern after pattern, searching for "the one" that actually 
        fits?  Or, have you stopped sewing for yourself entirely because your garments gap 
        open at the center front or hang like muumuus?  This fitting class has been created 
        exclusively to help women identify what has changed about their maturing female 
        forms and how those changes are reflected in the fit of their garments.  (For this 
        session, we will concentrate mainly on the female form from the waist up.)  After 
        this class, you will know what has been causing your fitting disasters and what 
        pattern alterations are necessary to prevent any more.

        Supply list:
            Sewing machine, thread, pins, scissors and cloth tape measure.

        4 yards of 45" or 60" white muslin fabric, an indelible sharpie marker, a quilter’s 
        straightedge and a jacket pattern of your choice.  (Be realistic about your size; 
        alterations are easier if you're somewhat close.  Keep in mind that for purposes of 
        creating a well-fitting, structured jacket, darting and princess lines are your 

November 1st: "Tricks of the Trade" with Leslie Ashcraft, 1:30pm - 4:30pm, $50
        This class will introduce and demonstrate a variety of construction 
        techniques that will result in professional looking garments, as well as 
        make your sewing projects easier to manage.


If you would like to be on the list of available seamstresses and tailors
for hire on our website, please send contact information to 
liz@nobhillfabrics.com with a brief (one-sentence) description of what you 

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