We are now offering a 10% discount to members of the American Sewing Guild!  
We appreciate your support and hope to see more of you more often.  Not a 
member?  Their next meeting is Thursday, November 14th, 6:30 pm at the 
Asbury Methodist Church, 10000 Candelaria NE.  More information can be
found at:

We have had more than a few inquiries regarding the paintings hanging
around the shop -- the artist is Holly McCarthy and yes, her works
are for sale.  She can be contacted at lycanthropynomalady@gmail.com.

The 32nd Annual Dixon Studio Tour is coming up this weekend, November 2nd
and 3rd.  A fall tradition presented by the Embudo Valley Arts Association
with twenty-nine artists presenting their work.  


These are just a few of our recent arrivals....

*  Rayon batiks -- three bolts of challis in fall colors.

*  Patterns for by Figgy and Violette Field Threads.

*  Silver and gold braids and trims.  Add some sparkle to those
   holiday projects.

*  Burda - 3 new issues.  Autumn/Winter Plus, November Style
   and the Autumn/Winter Style Special.  

Carry Wilcox is available for private and semi-private lessons.  Want to learn to 
sew but don't know where to start?  Know the basics but want to take it to the 
next level?  Contact her at carryw@gmail.com to setup a time. $15/hour.


If you would like to be on the list of available seamstresses and tailors
for hire on our website, please send contact information to 
liz@nobhillfabrics.com with a brief (one-sentence) description of what you 

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