Our first trunk show was a huge success!  Thank you to Leslie Mayfarth for 
putting it all together and providing the fabric we seldom see here in Albuquerque. 
We would also like to thank the Thai Vegan Restaurant for the excellent hors d'oeuvres
and everyone who came out for the party.  We can't wait to see these gorgeous fabrics 
come back as garments.

Save the Date!  Linda Lee of The Sewing Workshop is presenting her "Pants Fitting 
Workshop", May 3rd and 4th.  This two-day event includes a fitting and construction 
of a pair of pants tailored to your personal shape.  We are still finalizing the
cost and other details, stay tuned.
Also coming in May, the Ninth Biennial Fiber Arts Fiesta is happening the 23rd
through the 25th.  The entry deadline is March 1st and any work completed after 
March 1st, 2011 is eligible.  Details and entry forms can be found on the website:


These are just a few of our recent arrivals....

*  More Silverado pieces, including several of the cotton flannel ikats in reds,
   yellows and blue.

*  Soy-cotton knits in black and ivory.

*  More Alexander Henry cotton prints.  The Cartas Marcadas is spectacular!  
   We also have another bolt of Frida and the candy skulls.


February 23rd: "Ribbon Embroidery Class", 10:00am - 12:00pm, $25.

Learn to use silk ribbon to embroider the simple beauty of a dimensional garden. 
The good news is that you can learn it easily even if you can't sew a stitch! 
Perfection plays no part in creating the flowers, leaves and vines in your garden. 
With this class you will learn the five basic stitches used in all embroidery which 
will enable you to create endless designs. You can embellish any item in your 
wardrobe, such as jeans, collars on blouses, blazers and purses. It is also lovely 
on children's clothing as well as household items such as pillows, towels and don't 
forget quilts.

The class fee includes the 4mm silk embroidery ribbon and practice fabric as well as 
detailed instructions.

Supplies needed for this class:

    A sharp pair of scissors (preferably small – but not necessary)
    5" embroidery plastic or wooden hoop
    Size 22 chenille needle
    Disappearing ink pen (optional)


March 9th: "Pillowcases for Kids" with Linda Littman, 10:00am - 12:00pm, $30
        Introduce your child to the wonderful world of sewing! This class will 
        teach your child from 7 years old on to make a standard size pillowcase 
        that is fun and decorative. 

Details on all classes can be found at:

Carry Wilcox is available for private and semi-private lessons.  Want to learn to 
sew but don't know where to start?  Know the basics but want to take it to the 
next level?  Contact her at carryw@gmail.com to setup a time. $15/hour.


If you would like to be on the list of available seamstresses and tailors
for hire on our website, please send contact information to 
liz@nobhillfabrics.com with a brief (one-sentence) description of what you 

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