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A message from Jane Casey, Community Service Chairperson of the American Sewing 
Guild, Albuquerque Chapter:

Here we go again.... "The First Day of School" is back for the 4th year!
The success of the First Day community service project has prompted us to continue
this activity.  For those of you who are not familiar with the project, The First
Day involves sewing an outfit for very poor first graders in a school with great need.
The clothing is delivered to the Title 1 Homeless Project at APS.  That office
delivers the clothing to the school which Title 1 has chosen to receive and the
teachers distribute or let the children choose.  This has turned out to be a
very exciting activity for the first graders.

The requirements are quite simple.  The clothing must be practical and durable.
We are requesting clothing in sizes 6 through 8 in both boys' and girls' sizes.
An outfit consists of a shirt, either woven or knit, or a blouse plus a pair of
shorts, jeans or skirt.  Some of the girls love dresses but some don't.  Jumpers
are also practical and paired with a knit top (sewn or purchased) can be worn in 
warm weather and when the days begin to cool.  Please, please sew in a size label
on each item.  They should be on the back neck or back waist, depending on the
garment.  If you want to include socks and underwear with your outfit(s), please
feel free to do so.  You may use manufactured jeans because they are so durable
and practical.  Many of our members have had good luck finding new or nearly new 
jeans at the resale shops.

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and cooperation AND what's more fun than
sewing for kids?

Completed garments can be delivered to Jane at the July 14th ASG meeting.  You
are also welcome to drop them off at Nob Hill Fabrics during our regular business
hours and we will make sure they get to Jane on time.

Questions or suggestions?  Call Jane at 884-7844 or 238-4812 or email 

Interested in what the ASG has to offer?  Find out more at:


In preparation for the Rapid Transit construction project scheduled to begin
this summer, remember that we have free parking easily accessible from Silver, 
one block south of Central.

These are just a few of our recent arrivals....

*  More shirting fabrics -- simple yet classy.  Including a striped cotton
   seersucker that's perfect for summer

*  Another rayon batik, Coconut Frond.  This is a great one for a men's shirt.

*  Oilcloth!  New colorful and fun prints for picnic tables and more.

*  Bamboo knits in bright pink and blue.

*  We have also restocked many of the basics such as cotton voile and muslin.

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